March 1, 2019

Feng Shui Friday

With Spring around the corner it’s the perfect time to pay some attention to our homes Front Door.  This is where we welcome our family and friends.  It is their first impression of who we are and how we live. 

Feng Shui considers the front door the mouth of our home, where the good energy or “Chi” flows and allows wealth to enter the home.  It should be visually accessible from the sidewalk, street or driveway allowing positive energy and opportunity to freely flow into our home. The door should be made of solid wood, it’s scale and ornamentation should deem it the most impressive door in the house.  The entry to our home should be clearly marked with a street number, have good lighting and colorful plantings along the approach which heightens the energy.   

You may want to consider adding a water feature by your front entry to encourage the flow of “Chi” toward the front door but be sure you have the flow of the water heading toward the front door to encourage that direction for the energy. If you face the fountain so the water flows away from the house, you are sending the energy in the wrong direction.  

If you’re considering painting the door you may want to follow the Feng Shui color suggestions based on the doors orientation as follows:

South – Red

North – Dark Blue or Black

East & Southeast – Natural Wood Color

West & Northwest– Ochre or Yellow

Southwest & Northeast – White