August 22, 2018

Yellow Color Chronicles

Since so many of my favorite things in the summer are yellow, I thought it was the perfect monthly color topic! My number one favorite is the “Sun”! I cherish my time outside enjoying those heavenly rays and long for them as our days grow shorter. Next comes the delicious flavors from mother earth; squash, bell peppers and corn. The corn is so delicious right now, I’ve not only done a taste test with my husband determining which we like best; “Candy” is the winner. I’m already freezing it to enjoy during the dead of winter. Last, but not least, are all the flowers that are bursting with bright yellow petals. On my kitchen island is a blue and white ceramic water pitcher with fabulous sunflowers I bought from our local farm stand. They make me smile every time I see them. 

What do we know about yellow? It is one of the three primary colors on the color wheel along with red and blue and is considered a warm color as well as the happiest color. Yellow has conflicting characteristics; it represents optimism, sunshine, high energy, strength, and hope as well as jealousy, cowardice, sickness and danger.

Yellow is the brightest color in the visible spectrum of colors and is the easiest for our eyes to see. When paired with black it creates a color combination we can see from the greatest distance; think of caution signs on the highway.

Yellow influences the left side of our brain where logic, analytics, orderliness and perception reside. You may find having a pop of bright yellow by your desk will help clear your mind and stimulate your thinking process.


Various shades of yellow mean different things as well. If you need order in your life, you may be drawn to lemon yellow.

Citrine, derived from the French words for lemon, is considered “beautiful and joyful”.

Golden yellow is attributed to curiosity while creamy yellow is said to stimulate creative ideas. Muted yellows mean lack of confidence, while dark yellows are considered cynical colors and represent melancholy and depression.

If you’re drawn to the brighter yellows, you are considered a fun person, happy, full of laughter and great energy.