August 22, 2018

Shades of Yellow

If any adult or child is given a blank piece of paper and a yellow crayon, it’s inevitable they will draw the sun surrounded by sparkling rays. Yellow gives off a feeling of joy and friendliness, it creates a sense of happiness. Its vibrancy and cheeriness excites the eye and psychologically will make you happier. At home yellow adds warmth and can make the room feel more open.

Pastel yellows are considered juvenile colors, delicate and soft. Yellow is associated with words like “cheerful” and “joyful”, meaning it’s really a great color to lift spirits.



Vivid yellows show off active enthusiasm, and screams in your face to just smile and be happy! Yellow flowers are abundant in nature with sunflowers being an absolute favorite. Each season brings forth a different variation of yellow in nature, whether it’s the leaves on the trees in fall or the blooming of daffodils signifying the beginning of spring.


Because yellow neighbors orange, these two colors blend together to make mustard shades. These warmer values embrace coziness, and honestly, it reminds me of being snugged in a huge mustard sweater.


Gold: luxury, wealth, and sooooo much history! In the Jewish religion, people of a bar/bat mitzvah wear a golden silk prayer shawl, and with Buddhism, statues of Buddha are always found in gold. In many cultures, gold represents status and prestige, it’s considered very expensive and rare to access. When it’s used in a d├ęcor or as few statement pieces, gold can give a “bad and boujee” feel or a feeling of elegance.