March 1, 2018

Blue Color Chronicles

In my career, I have created more blue interiors for residential and corporate environments than any other color. And why do you think that is? According to myriad studies, blue is the most popular of all the colors. By far the most popular color of men and depending on the value, women as well. Blue by nature exudes peace, serenity, confidence, reserve and trust.

Blue is a color Mother Nature uses with great pleasure when making our oceans, sky, glaciers and birds. We are so familiar with blue and feel so comfortable with it that it has become the color of choice for many websites, brochures and advertising.

For interiors they say blue rooms inspire greater productivity. On the shoreline I use various blues all the time; it’s the go to color for relaxation. It can be a serious color, a whimsical color or, when over used, a depressing color. By balancing hues in a monochromatic scheme or a complementary scheme, your interior can be the perfect setting to creating a warm and welcoming home.

Cy Twombly painted this fabulous ceiling in the Louvre Museum, Salle de Bronzes. This 3,750 square foot painting is a great example of complementary colors.

This color wheel represents a monochromatic blue scheme.