February 8, 2018

Red Color Chronicles Part 2

Starting the rainbow, red is an important and versatile color. Symbolizing love, excitement, danger and strength, reds variations cover a broad spectrum of physiological reaction. Red may seem difficult to incorporate into interiors but different hues can fit exactly what you’re looking for when designing your home.


Love. Sex. Seduction. True reds embody sexual energy and stimulation. Valentine’s Day, a day of pure love, is represented by true reds and pinks because these hues symbolize the sexiness and passion red can depict.





In many environments, bright reds have been known to excite and attract the eye easily. From lipsticks to sports cars, bright reds embody vivacity and ebullience. If you’re looking for “that certain something”, bright red might be that pop of color to spice up any interior.




Step into any little girls room and the color you would most likely see all over is pink. Much like bright red, hot pink can be difficult to incorporate into interiors because of its association with playfulness and femininity, but the correct placement of hot pink can actually give off a mature and androgynous look.




Another color most likely found in a little girls room, light pink exudes youthfulness and innocence. In fact, red is believed to be the first color that babies see when they’re born, which must explain the well-known association between light pink and baby girls.




Red can also exhibit a more serious side. Deeper shades of red infer elegance and wealth, such as red wine, which can be associated as a luxury drink. The deeper tones alleviate the fiery nature of primary red making it a more sophisticated color.




Brick reds give reference to the earth and evoke a sense of warmth that makes people feel at home. From wall colors to exposed brick, this hue of red, much like bright red, can be used as a pop of color in a calm fashion without being distracting or too exciting.