September 29, 2017

Get Organized

Why wait until New Years to get yourself organized? I can’t tell you how often I go to a client’s or on a Design Consultation and hear “I’m so embarrassed, the house is such a mess.” And I always say “it’s overwhelming to tackle the entire space; take small steps every day to address one area, not the whole room. Just “a” surface, “a” bookcase, “a” closet. I have found whenever I have this conversation and keep reiterating this message, by the time the meeting is over my client is energized and eager to commit time and attention to these areas. If you make yourself a promise to give a half an hour each day to organize, clean out, and throw away, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ve accomplished your goal.

At Total Design Source we’re committed to helping organize your problem areas. The scariest place to start for many of us is our desk. This is the one place we spend countless hours a day and is the one place that needs to be addressed immediately. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind! How can your greatest ideas evolve if you’re facing a stack of things to do scattered all over your desk? How many times have you put down your pen or your eye glasses, never leaving your chair, and then spend a full minute searching for it? Benjamin Franklin said, ” A place for everything; everything in its place.” That’s still true today!

Let’s face it. If you clean up your work surface, making it free of clutter, and organize it with an attractive pencil holder, a coordinated inbox and a tasteful desk blotter, you’ll not only love the way it looks; you’ll love how liberating the free space feels and your productivity will increase. That in its own right will keep your surface clutter free and organized! This will be just the beginning of caring for the spaces you live in.

Stop by Total Design Source to see all the fabulous accessories we offer. If you don’t think you can go at it alone, we’re happy to schedule time with you to encourage your future of organizing and caring for your home or office. For the last 17 years our motto at Total Design Source has been “Love Where You Live.” Let us help you achieve this lifestyle.